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Bringing together agencies from all towns and cities across the UK through 'Create Britain' will show the continued strength and diversity of the UK as a creative force, post-Brexit.

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The UK's creative marketing
industries are still open
for business, despite the
result of the referendum.
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This is Create Britain.

A hub of creativity and endless opportunities.

Create Britain is an initiative launched in the aftermath of Brexit to encourage creative investors and talent alike that we are still the thriving creative hub we always have been, and always will be.

Britain's creative scene has the same talent, the same skillset, ability, and drive despite the decision to leave the EU.

The Drum Network are calling the industry to arms to promote just how excellent our talent is, despite the cloud of uncertainty and exclusivity that hangs over the UK. From the excellent minds behind Gravity Thinking, Dog, Missouri Creative, That Lot, and Lab, we have launched the concept of 'Create Britain'.

We'll leave all the rhetoric to the politicians in Westminster and Brussels; Create Britain aims to visually demonstrate to the many countries around the world why Britain is still an incredibly creative marketplace and why they should continue to invest their marketing budgets and potential talents in the UK when looking to source the best creative and marketing services.

So, what is it?

Create Britain is an interactive map that will reflect the openness and diversity of our industry, populated by videos submitted by agencies around Mousa Broch in Shetland all the way down to Brighton Pier.

What's in a video?

The content of your video is completely your choice, we want you to demonstrate your creativity - the only stipulation is that your video is a maximum of 3-minutes in duration and it must answer the following question: What makes British creativity so brilliant?

We want you to use your creative juices to create an engaging piece of video content that best demonstrates what British creativity is all about. It could be an idea that defines British creativity. It could be about a product or designer that just encapsulates British creativity. It could be a demonstration of what British creativity has given to the world. It is totally up to you what you choose as the focus, theme, or subject of your video.

Please Note: Your video must not be an agency show reel and it must not be a piece of marketing collateral that currently exists. Your video must be original content.

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